Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Great Commission in the Old Testament

Katekōmen recommends this article by Dr. L. Michael Morales, who is joining the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary full-time faculty in early 2015.
The Great Commission bestowed upon Adam entailed that his kingship would be in the service of his priestly office, namely, that he would “rule and subdue” for the sake of gathering all creation to the Creator’s footstool in worship. The Sabbath consummation was the heart and goal of the sixth day’s commission. 
Once we understand the Great Commission as a function of kingship, we are in a better place to assess this agenda throughout the rest of the Old Testament. God’s reign is universal, and from the beginning, His plan of salvation aimed at all the families of the earth, never overlooking the fact that He “shall inherit all the nations” (Ps. 82:5).

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